In the early days of British Dominion the Camps, Stations and posts of the field army were established in India that were later on developed into Cantonments and troops were permanently stationed there. In this part of the sub-continent, British troops established Cantonments soon after the annexation of Punjab in 1848-49.

 Nowshera Cantt is one of the various Cantts which were established during 1848-49.

Nowshera (Pronounced “Nau Shaar” or “Nau Khaar” in Pashto, “Nu Shera” in Hindku and “Nowshera” in Urdu languages) is one of the most fertile, peaceful and strategically located central districts of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The district was a part of Afghanistan as Nowkhaar Province till it was annexed into British India via the Durand Line Agreement.

Earlier, Nowshera was a Tehsil (Administrative sub-division) of Peshawar district. Its status was upgraded to District level during the regime of Pakistan People’s Party in 1988. It is also one of the largest cities of the province and lies on the Grand Trunk Road 27 miles due east of Peshawar at 34°0’55N 71°58’29E.

There are three Military Cantonments situated in Nowshera district, which are Cherat Cantonment, Nowshera Cantonment and Risalpur Cantonment. Therefore, Nowshera is also one of the most prominent districts of Pakistan.

Nowshera Cantt is one of the few Cantonments, the area of which has not been extended since it was establish as a Cantonment in the year 1848-49. Though at north side it cannot be extended due to Kabul River but it can be extended towards east, south and west.

It is bounded:-

                                By River Kabul on the North.

                                By Village Badreshi, ASC and A.C Colonies on South.

                                By Hakim Abad & Private land on East.

                                By Khat Kaly and Private land on West.

Nowshera is a commercial and industrial center that is connected by rail and road with Dargai (Malakand Pass), Mardan, Peshawar, and Rawalpindi. It comprises of Saddar Bazaar, Khushal Colony, Iqbal Park, Rehman Baba Colony, Shadman Colony, Naya Mohallah, Khattak Building & Rehman Road.

Nowshera Cantonment now covers an area of 12.43 Sq.Kilometers (4.80 Sq.Miles or 3073.731 Acres)



As per yardstick provided vide Section 13 of the Cantonments Act, 1924 and as per census of 1998 showing a civil population of (33,237) individuals, the Cantonment of Nowshera is a Class – III Cantonment. It has been divided into Four Electoral Wards.


                                                                                   Classification of Land



Area (Acres)


1. A-1 2477.840 Units, Barracks, Lines, CMH, MES Office, BOQs, MOQs, OR lines, JCO Lines, Officer Colonies etc.
2. A-2 5.790 Open Reserve Land for Army
3. B-1 92.028 Post Office, PO Colony, T&T Communication Building & Railway Administration.
4. B-2 58.003 Provincial Govt Land, Schools/Colleges, C&W Courts, DPO Residence, Post Office, DC Office, Police Station
5. B-3 115.881 Army Housing Scheme (Gulistan Colony & Rehman Road Colony) Old grant Bungalows/ CB Housing Scheme (Khushal Colony, Rehman Baba Colony, Shadman Colony, Iqbal Park Colony) Rehman Road Housing Scheme
6. B-4 194.604 Grave Yard, Drains and Nullahs etc
7. C 129.585 Roads, Public Parks, Quarters etc