Essential Points Related to Building Bye-laws

  1. In plots having area one Marla Less than 07 Marla, 1/4th Open Area is required to be provided in the building plan as well as at site.
  2. In plot having area above 07 Marla Less than 10 Marla, 1/4th Open Area including 4’-0” wide minimum three sides must be remain open in the building plan as well as at site.
  3. In plots having area 10 Marla and above, 1/3rd Open Area including 5’-0” wide minimum Four sides must be opened in the building plan plan as well as at site.
  4. Maximum size of Mumty in residential building is measuring 120.00 Sft.
  5. In street having width less than 16`-0``, 1/4th open area is required to be left on First Floor, otherwise only single storey house is allowable.
  6. In street having width 16`-0`` or more, double storey house allowable.
  7. In street having width 10`-0`` or less, only single storey house is allowable.

Duties of the Building Control Cell:

  • To check the construction activities within their areas of responsibilities and take required action.
  • To confirm the construction of buildings according to approved building plans.
  • To check the encroachment on CB / Govt land and take required action.
  • To keep vigilant check on unauthorized construction and report in the office if any illegal activity is detected.
S.No Name of Building Checker Area under Supervision Name of Incharges / Survey Draughtsman
1 Mr. Shad Muhammad

Ward No. I Area: (Rehman Baba Colony, Old Boat Bridge Road, Hakim Khan Building, Cavalry Road, Moh. Feroz Shah etc)

Ward No. II Area: (Shoba, Dairy Form, Rehman Road, Mazhar Line, Mohallah: Rehman Masjid, Nia Mohallah, Kassi Mohallah etc.)       

Ward No. III Area: (Moti Bazzar, Babu Mohallah, Khushal Colony, Main Bazzar, Iqbal Shah building, Moh: Old Hospital, Iqbal Park etc.)

Ward No. IV Area: (Club Road, R.A Bazzar, Gulistan Colony, Tufail Road, Sarwar Road, Station Road, Hata No. 19, Bazari, Chitral Lane etc)

Mr. Ahmad Asrar